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iFixLV – smartphone repair in minutes! Our highly experienced technicians deal with iPhone screen repair and Samsung repairs every day. As always our quotes and estimates are FREE for everyone. Give us a call now. Most smartphones are repaired while you wait. We offer 30 days warranty on all our work. We love our job, and our customers love our cell phone repair shop. All smartphone brands and models are welcome to our store for quick fix. Whether you bring in your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, Blackberry, or HTC cell phone – we are here for you! iFixLV will bring your smartphone back to life!

Our cell phone repair shop in Las Vegas is most trusted to consumers. Just give us a call or walk in during our business hours and discuss your problem with us. There are some cases when we honestly recommend our customers not to fix their phones. It might happen, if the motherboard is damaged and is not fixable. In this case you will spend more money for repair than buying a new cell phone. That’s why Las Vegas customers love us. It’s always nice to work with honest and friendly staff. Come on over and we will solve your problem!


It’s typical for a cell phone to stop functioning properly after some time. But it doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of it and buy a new one. Let iFix LV repair it for less. Our target is to save our customers money. Therefore, we are here for all your repair needs. If your child dropped your iPhone or Galaxy Note by mistake while playing a game and the glass cracked, don’t get upset. Stop by at our cell phone repair shop on your way and the iPhone or Galaxy Note will be back in your hands like new in minutes! You don’t need to go anywhere else. Everything you need is here at our repair shop. iFix LV offers FREE Wi-Fi, FREE TV, and comfortable waiting room. There are many FREE parking spots in front of our store. In addition, there are nice restaurants at the same plaza. You can have a bite while waiting for your cell phone repair to be done. If it’s only screen that you need to repair or the whole LCD, we fix it all! How to know the difference between broken screen or LCD. If your touch is working, then most likely the LCD is fine. However, there are cases when the touch screen is functioning but the LCD got white spots. This will reduce your screen visibility. Then we will have to install the whole package on your smartphone: glass, LCD, and digitizer.

Las Vegas weather is very hot. So we get many customers who went to swim with their cell phones. Forgetting them in a pocket 🙂 That’s ok. We got you covered there too with our water damaged cell phone repair service. Unless you went diving with your smartphone then you will probably need to get a new one. Cause the motherboard got socked in water. But even then, bring it in for FREE checkup and we’ll find out for sure.

Did you leave your cell phone for too long in charge? If it happened numerous times then you will notice that your phone doesn’t hold the battery power at all. Did it happen to you that you made couple calls and your phone died? This is definitely a battery issue. Or it might also be a charging port problem. Here are some tips in an emergency situation. For example, when you need to make an urgent call but your phone is dead. Open your cell phone back cover. Then take out the battery. Warm it in your hands or on the sun for about 5-10 minutes and put it back in. This should give you a little charge for a phone call or message. If this method didn’t work, drive by our cell phone repair shop located at the cross streets of Sahara and Valley View. We will completely replace your smartphone battery and check the charging port.


Are you planning to go on a trip overseas? Then most likely you will need your cell phone to reach people over there. In USA most cell phones are attached to a specific carrier. Especially, if you purchased the smartphone from T-mobile, Verizon, At&t, or Sprint directly. You don’t have to buy a new cell phone overseas. Let iFix LV skilled technicians internationally unlock your smartphone for an affordable price. When your cell phone is unlocked, you will be able to use it with any other carrier in the US or outside.


Why get you iPhone repaired at iFixLV? Because we believe in the quality of our products! All parts as well as services are covered by a 30 day warranty. We make sure that each customer leaves our store fully satisfied. We know how important your cell phone is to you. Therefore, we offer to all our customers cell phone repair warranty. How does it work? We check quality of each part before installing it to your smartphone. However, we are all human and accidents happen. If you noticed that your phone still isn’t functioning like new after we repaired it, then you are welcome to bring it back! We will diagnose the problem for you. And if it’s our fault, we will replace the installed earlier part absolutely FREE. Our goal is customers’ satisfaction. Don’t miss the best deals for Cell Phone Computer iPhone iPad Screen Repair Las Vegas.

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