Samsung Repair

In IFixLV we can repair any Samsung brand phone with a guarantee thanks to our Samsung mobile technical service, composed of highly qualified technicians, and our long experience working with this brand. If you need to repair your Samsung Mobile, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 10, Samsung Tablet in Las Vegas, trust us with your terminal, we will pick it up and send it free to your address, returning it perfectly repaired in record time.

Samsung Phones Repairs Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Your Samsung mobile screen has just broken and you need to find the best Samsung mobile repair in Las Vegas? You have reached the right place. We are fast and make quality repairs and with original and top-quality spare parts! Phone Service Center is your repair shop.

Broken screen?

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Do you have the screen of your Samsung broken? Quiet We are specialists in Samsung mobile repair services in Las Vegas of the leading brands!

Sometimes, glass can cut your skin becoming dangerous. Over time, this screen breakage can cause additional problems such as dead spots on the screen, backlight malfunction, dark spots, or discoloration.




Is your Samsung smartphone or tablet going slow lately? Does it lock when turned on? Does it fail?

You may need an update to solve the problem. Come to our stores our Samsung phone repairs technicians will help you with everything you need.

Battery replacement

Problems with your Samsung mobile battery? Is the load short? Has the battery swollen?

It may be a problem with the battery or charging connector. We repair any type of problem your Samsung mobile has in our shop, we will give you the best solution for your Samsung phone or tablet.

Water Damaged Phone Repair

With our mobile and tablet deoxidation system, we can help you recover your phone. The sooner you approach it, the more likely we will be able to recover it.

Other problems with your mobile

Start buttons, volume, Home …

Your Samsung mobile speaker does not work? We can change the speakers of your phone and tablet.

Your Samsung phone’s microphone does not work well? We can change it to work properly.

What advantages do you have repairing your mobile in our Phone Service Center?

  • We have the accreditation of the main brands of the market
  • You can repair your Samsung Phone easily
  • Repair without prior appointment with a personalized budget and without obligation.
  • We give you a checking warranty of one month (30 days) after repairing.

Software Errors

You may need a Software update to be able to solve the problem. Come to our shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, and our Samsung mobile repair technicians will help you with everything you need.

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