iPhone Repair Las Vegas

iPhone Repair

Do you need to repair your iPhone? When you are looking for an iPhone repair service in Las Vegas, the idea is to have a company that is responsible for doing all the iPhone repair work. At IFixLV, we specialize in repairing iPhone and other Apple mobile devices.

Discover the different iPhone mobile repair services that we offer in our store in Las Vegas.

iPhone repairs Las Vegas

iPhone is one of the most universal smartphones that exist at the moment. This mobile device offers a multitude of possibilities thanks to the different components and applications that it includes.

Keep in mind that, being a portable device that we use a lot, it is prone to damage from knocks or falls. IFixLV is your technical service if you want to repair your iPhone.


The elegant iPhone design can be affected by a bump or a fall, which causes the iPhone case to be dented, worn or broken at the corners. Scratches are also marked mostly on the back of the iPhone if you rest it on a rough surface or if it falls on dirt or sand.


Repairing the iPhone battery is undoubtedly one of the most demanded repairs when looking for us to repair an iPhone. It is very easy to detect the fault if you know what the effects are.

If the iPhone turns off for no reason or restarts on its own, or even if when connected to the charger, the battery level does not rise or wears out very quickly, this means that you probably need to change the battery.


Another of the most common parts of repairing an iPhone is the screen. This element is very prone to break when the phone falls or is hit by another object. And this happens very regularly. Thus, repairing the iPhone screen is one of our specialties.


The iPhone buttons have been changing positions throughout all models, but they have always fulfilled the same function. As they are external elements, they can be damaged by blows or falls, or even by liquid filtration.

The home button of the iPhone (which now includes Touch ID) is often damaged as it is the most used. When it is damaged it stops reacting when pressed, does not recognize fingerprints, is delayed, or can even move after a stroke and get stuck. Have an iPhone X or XS or XSMax with a Face ID issue bring it in.

This happens equally with the volume button: you can not raise or lower the volume of the iPhone so the sound can only be regulated through the LCD panel and we must repair the iPhone.


When an iPhone suffers a blow or heavy fall, or if it falls into the water it is normal for the sound to stop working. But should I repair my iPhone?

When the iPhone speakers fail, the lower speaker will not play music or sound in the notifications and the headset will be muted or distort the sound, which will make us unable to make calls.


In the connectors, it is normal that the grooves can be damaged because some liquid or material such as dirt or sand enters them. They are also conducive to getting stuck because they are delicate connectors that must be gently removed when repairing an iPhone.

Both the mini-jack that is the external sound connector for headphones, speakers, and microphones, as well as the lightning connector and dock connector, which are responsible for recharging the battery or connecting the iPhone to the computer, can get stuck, split or stop working for use and wear.


The failures in the Wi-Fi connection can be very diverse. To know if the Wi-Fi antenna is damaged, we must verify that we can connect to a secure and powerful network.

If there are still problems, there will be the situation that your iPhone does not connect to the WiFi, or has little signal; or if you try to connect via Bluetooth and your device does not appear, the antenna may be in poor condition and you need to repair the iPhone Wi-Fi.

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