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Computer Repair Las Vegas

The need to get a computer repaired can be a difficult and worrying time. If you use your computer for a living or have important documents and family photos inside, the last thing you want to do is leave it to a stranger for a long time. In IFixLV we do not believe that the repair of a computer has to be like that. We strive every day to ensure that our repair process is simple, fast, and leaves you with a properly repaired device, as well as peace of mind.

Free diagnosis

Telemedicine concept, doctor with a stethoscope on the computer laptop screen, Premium PhotoOur computer repair process begins with a free diagnostic test. In this phase, one of our professional technicians examines the main parts and basic functions of the computer to get a clearer idea of ​​which part is causing the problem. From there they can design a way to proceed and present all the options to the client. These diagnoses are always free, whether you decide to proceed with the repair or not.

Expert services

If you need the repair of an Apple computer, the repair of a PC, or any other brand of computers, we will know how to fix it. You would be surprised to know how similar these machines tend to be when you open them, and our expert technicians are trained to know how to handle all the brands out there. At IFixLV we promote a constant learning community, so that every time they launch a new technological device, we are among the first to open it and learn how to fix it.

Low price guarantee

We trust that, when you choose IFixLV for the repair of your HP, Dell, or any other brand, you get a computer repair in Las Vegas of the highest quality for the lowest price in the area.

Our Guarantee

When you need a repair for your computer, the situation can be stressful, but you can trust that iFixLV will handle your computer repair in LV, Nevada with great safety and care. Our professional technicians will keep you informed of each step of the repair, so you always know what is happening during the repair. No matter what the problem, bring your computer or laptop to the IFixLV location near you.

30 Days Guarantee

We also facilitate you with the 30 days checking warranty after the date of repairing if you face the problem again or it occurs again, then we will be there for a long period of 30 days.

Our PC Doctors professionals are specialized in the repair of laptops, desktops, and MAC and we offer these professional services of the highest quality and always using the best components:

  • Installation of the operating system and data saving
  • Update and optimization of the computer
  • Cleaning of viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malware
  • Elimination of advertising and pop-ups. Installation of antivirus and advertising blocker
  • Motherboard arrangement
  • Re-balling and replacement of the graphic chip
  • Fix power and consumption failures
  • Rust removal due to liquid spill
  • Fix and replace the charging connector (DC JACK)
  • Replacement of TFT, LCD, and LED screen
  • Change of inverter and flex cable
  • Fix and replace hinges
  • Replacement keyboard, DVD player, battery, charger, etc.

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