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MacBook Repair

Are you looking for where to repair your MacBook? In our Mac Technical Service, we offer MacBook repairs in Las Vegas for any of the Apple notebook models. Although the MacBook was the first laptop launched by the company and has now been unsealed in popularity by Macbook Air and Pro models, at IFixLV. We continue to repair the most classic Macbook models.

In addition to fixing any of the components and parts that are part of it, in our Mac technical service we also make improvements and extensions to keep the equipment up to date.

Services offered to repair your MacBook

MacBook laptops are standard in size and are designed to facilitate user comfort both when using it, and transporting it from one side to another.

If you need a MacBook repair Las Vegas, NV, IFixLV can help you with any type of repair.


Broken glass on the screen of a MacBook can cause vertical lines to appear or a split image to be seen.

Other problems that usually happen are that the MacBook does not turn on and goes black; do not boot and the screen remains blank; the screen with the logo is maintained or a gray bar or a folder with an interrogation appears.

It is also common to turn on but the operating system does not load, does not boot directly, or freezes. When this happens, it is necessary to request the repair of the MacBook in question from a team prepared for it.

When distortions occur in the color of the screen, the colors appear poorly or are changed or do not correspond to the originals, it is a graphic fault. This requires changing the screen of your Macbook.

The MacBook camera may also break down. Normally, when this occurs, the camera image is black or blurred. Thus, it will be necessary to send your MacBook for repair.


MacBook battery failures are easy to detect when the computer shuts down for no reason, restarts itself, or if when connected to the MacBook charger, the battery level does not rise or wears out very quickly. This means that you need to change the battery for a new one. We can carry out the repair of your MacBook.

There are several reasons why these failures can happen: the age of the battery, the filtration of liquid, a strong blow, or a surge in the place where you had connected the MacBook while charging.


The fan of the MacBook is essential to cool the system. When the fans make a lot of noise or, on the contrary, they do not produce any sound giving the feeling that they do not work, it will be necessary to repair our Apple laptop.

If the MacBook gets very hot during use, it burns when you touch it or it even turns itself off every time it is very hot, it can be solved by cleaning fans. If there is a failure in the Technical Paste similar problems can also appear and then you have to make some spare parts on the MacBook.

Or any other issues like that with a one-month checking warranty under the supervision of highly professional technicians.

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